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Power of Print - Covid(Shortlisted-2020)

Electronic devices come with a degree of protection, without which one wouldn't purchase a device at all.
We aimed to draw a parallel between this and the importance of wearing a mask-because if you wouldn't use a device that isn't protected,
why compromise on public health by not wearing a mask?

These pices have been written as long copy, leveraging Croma's status as a leading electronics retailer to drive the point home.
The copy asks the viewer a question-whether they'd buy a product from 
us that isn't adequately protected and proceeds to make the case
for wearing a mask for the sake of others.

power of print-02.jpg

Power of Print - Covid(Shortlisted-2020
Movie stars are revered across the country as heroes. We aimed to leverage the public's adulation for these stars.
to raise awareness about the real importance of wearing a mask.

Movie posters are a common sight in every street of India. We designed movie posters for different celebrities,
and tore the poster across their noses and mouths to make them appear to be wearing a mask.
The copy speaks about 
how wearing a mask is all it takes to be a hero.

power of print-03.jpg
power of print-04.jpg

Power of Print, e-waste

When disposed of in an improper manner, e-waste can trap you into polluting the environment.

Here, we show electronic products that have seen the end of their life, but have formed themselves into a trap. Be it a spider web or a maze,
we show that if not disposed properly, 
they can corner us to pollute the environment.Don't get trapped with your old electronics.

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