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TOI eco-friendly Ganesh Udsav Award

TOI eco-friendly Ganesh Utsav award Ganesh Chaturthi is characterised

by idol immersions, Which inevitably lead to ecological damage.

Here, talk about the unnecessary damaging being done and how we can do something creatively to reduce it.
We do it by promoting an alternative which is 
Ganesha idols made from old Newspapers.

TOI Ganesha Ad1 - 100cc - Option B-01.jpg
TOI Ganesha Ad3 - 100cc-01.jpg
 TOI Ganesha  Ad4.jpg

The Times Of India - Dussehra



In lustful eyes, in wicked intentions, in the many social evils that threaten our women. 

This time, let us pledge to kill him for good, emerge victorious over his many crimes. Let us 

proclaim a safer India, where every women can hold her head high and move around in 

total freedom.


The Times Of India - The Great Indian


Concept: Politician ( The Great Indian Chamcha)

Every politician is a toy in the hands of higher authorities. The function the way they are keyed to function.

They are inactive by themselves and have no thought process of their own.

This sculpture is a representation of how the great Indian politician has become a toy of governance, instead of a helping hand to the people.


The Times Of India - Pongal

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