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Why? (Waste Handling Yard)

The world is developing day by day, but the truth is that it is affecting the

balance in nature. Kerala has the highest literacy state in India, but that doesn't seems to influence their outlook in general - the biggest problem being that of waste management.

As a result, a large amount of waste is dumped on the streets, ponds,

rivers and other public places (all it becomes a yard for handling waste) . 

The waste is not managed in a scientific manner, 

creating ecological and health hazards, some lasting even generations. As of now, Kerala

follows a centralized waste management system. And hence the problem.

The answer lies in decentralization or source-level waste management (SLWM), and setting

up a service centre to handle this.


People aren't  very bothered about the mess they create by disposing

waste in public. They are not aware about the effects of the waste they create.  So, to address this  and to spread awareness, I designed  some posters.

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